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On November 2nd 2019 we took a road trip to Springfield. This was the third event we have done for Eric Meyer of St. Louis Comics. As always, it was a great event and we made many new fans. While it was alot of fun, we were a bit bummed because it meant our 2019 season was ending. 

2019 was a major turning point for Show Me Comics. After a couple years of inactivity, we made the decision to do something crazy. We decided to TRY.

Hafu I was first published six year ago. We did a total of three shows that year. We sold many books, despite having just started learning the craft of doing live events. Following that would be over a year of inactivity while we finished Hafu II. We would only attend one show following that, with a huge number of books in inventory. 

It took us another two years to realize we have something we need to devote time to. Something we now have the time and energy for. We wanted 2019 to be a year that we proved to ourselves, Sam and Jordan, that we belong in the industry. With a total of 7 shows this year (three of those out of town) and two separate print runs, we are ready to take it to the next level!

2020 will not slow down. The plan is to do even more shows and go further out of town. We will have more Hafu merchandise and books coming. But here's the big news:

We have a new story in development. 

It takes place in another time. There's a colorful cast of characters and the action will be out of this world. 

Want to know more? Ask us at a show ;)

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