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Fox Comic Con - Feb 16th 2019

After two years, Show Me Comics returned to the convention scene. This was the warm up...

In 2014, Sam and Jordan did three events to kick off the launch of Hafu Book I. Project Comicon, Wizard World St. Louis, and HeroesCon North Carolina. Each show provided an increase in books sold and a huge learning experience. We love meeting new comic book fans! Creating new fans of Hafu is also a thrill.

After a ten month hiatus to finish Hafu Book II, Sam and Jordan returned at Winter 1 Day in St. Louis. It was definitely a success. Real life was about to intervene...

With Jordan returning to college and Sam opening his own gym,

life was quite busy. With comics on the back burner, SMC faded

away for quite some time. It wasn't until a deal to bring the 

adventures of WWE star ACH to comic book format came along that Jordan and Sam were ready to hit the road again. Ironically, a local high school hosting a comic book convention was a very attractive way to warm up for the upcoming convention season! 


This was a unique event. Most of the attendees

were students of Fox High School, or family

of students. It was obvious they were just

visiting to view the exhibitors and participate

in cosplay. Regardless, SMC still wound up 

selling several Hafu books and made new fans.

It was a great time. This was also the first show in which Sam and Jordan brought their kids. Jordan's daughter, Heidi and Sam's daughter, Madelyn, helped run the booth as well as participate in cosplay. 

We look forward to attending the next Fox Comic con in 2020. But next on the agenda is something a bit bigger...

Wizard World St. Louis in April!

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